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India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 2: 1953-1957
India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 6: 1967-1970  
India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 10: 1978-1980  
India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 9: 1976-1977 
India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 8: 1974-1975 
India: Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, Vol 7: 1971-1973
India Treaty Series: 1980 Volume II
India Treaty Series: 1980 Volume I
The Surat Imbroglio: The Encyclopedia of the Indian National Congress Volume Five: 1906-1910
Ed: A. M & S.G. Zaidi
On Road To Self-Govt.: The Encyclopedia of the Indian National Congress Volume Four: 1901-1905
Ed: A. M & S.G. Zaidi
Dara ShukohGopal Gandhi
Bhim Sen Sachar: An Intimate Biography
G.S. Bhargava
All My Yesterdays
Prem Bhatia
Bloodbath in BangladeshPrabodh Chandra
GP: The Man and His Work
Ed: H.Y. Sharada Prasad
Lives in the Wilderness: Three Classical Indian Autobiographies
Jim Corbett et al
My Dear Nawab Saheb
Harriet Ronken Lynton
P.N.Haksar: Our Times&The Man
Ed: Bidyut Sarkar
The Writerly Life
R. K. Narayan
The Age of Reforms: The Encyclopedia of the Indian National Congress Volume Two: 1891-1895
Ed: A. M & S.G. Zaidi
Sarojini Naidu: Builders of Modern India
Tara Ali Baig
J.P: His Biography
Allan and Wendy Scarfe
Committees and Commisions in India 1947-73, Vol 6:1960-61
Virendra Kumar
Readings From India
Ed: G.N.S. Ragnavan
In Search of A Creed: The Encyclopedia of the Indian National Congress Volume Six: 1911-1816
Ed: A. M & S.G. Zaidi
Life and Works of Sri Aurobindo
S. R. Sharma
Life and Works of Rabindranath Tagore
S. R. Sharma
Gathering Storms: The Encyclopedia of the Indian National Congress Volume Three: 1896-1900
Ed: A. M & S.G. Zaidi
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 1
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 2
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 3
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 4Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 5
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 6
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 7
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 8
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 9
Ed: Durga Das
Sardar Patel's Correspondence 1945-50: Vol 10
Ed: Durga Das
The Collected Works of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Chief Ed: P N Chopra
Gandhi's Passion-the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi-
Stanley Wolpert
World Without Violence
Ed: Arun Gandhi
Indian Horizons, Vol 48 Number 4, 2001

The Challenge of Our Cities Jagmohan
The President's Crown of Thorns Kirsan Ilyunzhinov
Kundalini: Path to higher consciosness
Pandit Gopi Kirshna
Total Revolution
Jayaprakash Narayan
The Sikhs: Cultural&Religious Patterns in India
Gopal Singh
Our Heritage
S Radhakrishnan
Seventy Tales of the Parrot
Shuka Saptati
The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi Vol 1
Ed: Raghavan Iyer
Asian Recorder: A Weekly Digest of Asian Events with Index
Ed: M.S.R. Khemchand
Serindia: detailed report on explorations in central Asia and westernmost China, Vol 1
Ordered by Aurel Stein, K.C.I.E.
Everest: Eigthy years of triumph and tragedy
Ed: Peter Gillman
The English Writings of Rabindranath Tagore: Vol 3
Ed: Sisir Kumar Das
Vimukti-Marga Dhutaguna-Nirdesa
P.V. Bapat
The Complete Works of Kalidasa, Vol 1(Poems)
Translated by Chandra Rajan
The Mahabharata: A literary Study
Krishna Chaitanya
Transmission of the Mahabharata Tradition
C.R. Deshpande
Valmiki Ramayana
V. Sitaramiah
Securing India's future in the new millennium
Ed: Brahma Chellaney
Kabir: Selected Couplets from the Sakhi in Transversion
Mohan Singh Karki
Indian Fire Ritual
Musashi Tachikawa et al
Encyclopedia of Indian Proverbs(Vol 1,2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6,7)
P.C. Borua et al
Lata Mangeshkar: A Biography
Raju Bharatan 
The Music of India
Reginald&Jamila Massey
The True History and the Religion of India
Swami Prakashanand Saraswati
Oh My God: The Nature of Divine Faultlines
Shashi S. Sharma
India's Craft Tradition
Kamaladevi Chattoppadhyay
Rendered into English by Sangat Singh
Sufism: Its Saints and Shrines
John A Subhan
The Sikhs: images of a heritage
Text and photographs: T.S. Randawa
Dances of Manipur: the classical tradition
Ed: Saryu Doshi
The world of Amjad Ali Khan
Raghava R. Menon
Minerals and Metals in Ancient India(Vol 1)
Arun Kumar Biswas
Archeology of India
Amar Nath Khanna
Cultural Relations Between India and South East Asian Countries
H.B. Sarkar
Delhi: The Emperor's City
Vijay Goel
Company Paintings: Indian Paintings of the British Period
Mildred Archer
Stylistics of Buddhist Art in India(Vol 1)
Mireille Benisti
Asian Embroidery
Ed: Jasleen Dhamija
Dilip Kumar: The Last Emperor
Sanjit Narwekar
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol27)
Ed: Yamuna Shankar
Puri Paintings
J.P. Das
India in slow Motion
Mark Tuly
 Indian National Songs Gautam Sharma R.K. Murthi
Sansad Main Teen Dashak: Atal Bihari Vajpeyee
Ed: N.M. Ghatate
Survival Depends on Higher Education
Lord Butler of Saffron Walden
Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples
V.S. Naipaul
Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu and Buddhist Thought
Richard King
A History of Indian Literatture: 1911-1956: Struggle for Freedom: Triumph and Tragedy
Sisir Kumar Das
A History of Indian Literatture: 1800-1910: Western Impact: Indian Response Vol VIII
Sisir Kumar Das
Towards the Future? Jammu and Kashmir in the 21st Century
Vernon Hewitt
The Date of the Historical Sakyamuni Buddha
Ed: A.K. Narain
The Pioneers of Buddhist Revival in India-Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series N70-
D.C. Ahir
30 Teenage Stories
Religious Philosophy of Tagore&Radhakrishnan
Harendra Prasad Sinha
India: A Cultural Voyage
Udai Narain Tewari
Pali: Language and Literature-a systematic survey and historical study Vol 1, 2
Kanai Lal Hazra
Indian Music
B C Deva
Incredible India: Life and Landscapes
Text H.Y. Sharada Prasad, Photographs Ashok Dilwali
Incredible India: Arrested Movement Sculture&Painting
Kapila Vatsyayan
Incredible India: Classical Dances
Text Sonal Mansingh, Photographs Avinas Pasricha
Incredible India: Classical Music
Text Debu Chaudhuri, Photographs Avinas Pasricha
Incredible India: Crafting Nature
Text Jaya Jaitly, Photographs Siddhartha Das
Incredible India: Traditions& Rituals
Muthusamy Varadarajan
Incredible India: Monuments
Text Himanshu Prabha, Photographs Amit Pastricha
Incredible India: Fairs&Festivals
Uma Vasudev
Incredible India: Tradional Theatres
H.S. Shiva Prakash
Indian Horizons, Vol 43 Number 1-2, 1994, India and China(Special issue)
ed: Tan Chung
Ghalib in Translation
O. P. Kejariwal
Indian Poetry Today Vol III
Ed: Sitakant Mahapatra et al
A History of India Vol Two-From the sixteenths century to the twentieth century-
Percival Spear
Artistic Form and Yoga in the Sacred Images of India
Translated by Gerald Chapple and James B. Lawson
Rabindranath Tagore on Art&Aesthetics
Body, Mind and Spirit: Yoga Shakti, Fitness and Relaxation Highway
G.M. Bhandari
A Mongolian Living Buddha-Biography of the Kanjurwa Khutugtu
Paul Hyer and Sechin Jagchid
Nirad C Chadhuri: The First Hundred Years
Ed: Swapan Dasgupta
Some Aspects of Indian Culture
C. Sivaramamurti
Saree Sutra
Delhi Agra&Jaipur-The Glorious City
Rupinder Khullar et al
Ravi Shankhar-my music, my life
Ravi Shankar
Zoji La-1 November 1948
The Indian Foreign Office: Its Properties& Art Objects
Placido P. D'Souza
Rabindranath Tagore
Basawon Sinha-A Revolutionary Patriot(1909-1989)
Ed: Rita Sinha & R. Manivannan
Satish Gujral-Sculptures: Pocket art series
Raghu Rai, in his own words: Pocket art series
Manjit Bawa, in his own words: Pocket art series
Satish Gujral, in his own words: Pocket art series, Drawings and Collages
Gayatri Sinha
The Art of G. R. Santosh: Pocket art series
Shantiveer Kaul
The Art of A. Ramachandran: Pocket art series
Ella Datta
Bijoya Ray Remembers, Satyajit Rayat Work: Pocket art series
Ella Datta
The Forgotten Mughals-A history of the Later Emperors of the house of Babar-
G.S. Cheema
Sociology of Indian Culture
D P Mukerji
History in Modern Indian Literature
Ed: S.P. Sen
Aspects of Hindu Muslim Cultural Relations
Fathullah Mujtabai
Aspects of Indian Music
Generations: Modern Indian Novels in Translation
Neela Padmanabhan
Four Decades of Indian Literature
Prabhakar Machwe
New Voices of Indian Poetry
Editoral board: Rajendra Awasthy et al
Veda Tatha Paryavarana
Urmila Rustagi
Environmental Management and Federalism: The Indian Experience
ed: S. Bhatt Akhtar Majeed
A history of India
Peter Robb
Assignment India
Christopher Thomas
Tales of the Ten Princes (Dasa Kumara Charitam)
Ayurveda-A way of Life-
Vinod Verma
Ranindranath and Germany
Panchanan Saha
Indian Literature-: 183 Jan-Feb, 98
Sahitya Akademia Bi-Monthly Journal
Some Concepts of Indian Culture
N.A. Nikam
Directory of Cultural Organizations in India
Compiled and Edited: H.S. Patil
Profile 1992: An Exhibition of Autographed Cartoons of International Personalities
Art and Life in India: the last four decades
ed: Josef James
Music East& West
Yaden aur Umeeden
Doosra Bhag
A Panorama of Indian Culture Prabha Chopra
Western Science and Asian Culture
Seyyed Hossein Nasr 
A Tale of Two Gardens-Poems from India 1952-1995
Octavio Paz
Crumpled Letter: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Suresh Joshi
The Partition Omnibus
David Page et al
The Song of the Loom: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Abdul Bismillah
He Conquered the Jungle: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Kesava Reddy
Gone are the Rivers: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Dalip Kaur Tiwana
Reflection along a Political Journey
Prem Bhatia
Literature of Modern India
Krishna Kripalani
Selected poems: penguin poems
Kaifi Azmi
Vasaveswaram: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Puppets: Modern Indian Novels in translation
G.V. Krishna Rao
Unarmed: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Ragee Seth
Rear Verandah: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Kanji Patel
Night of the Half Moon: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Gurdial Singh
Henceforth: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Harindra Dave
Subarnalata: Modern Indian Novels in translation
Ashapurna Debi
Portraits of an Era
Tara Ali Baig
 The Martyr: Bhagat Singh- Experiments in RevolutionKuldip Nayar
From Independences Towards Freedom-Indian Women since 1947-
Ed: Bharati ray et al
The Fifth Element: A collection of Poems
Folk Dance: Eternal India
Ashish Mohan Khokar 
Innovative India: Science&Technology Review
Ed: L.K. Sharma&Sima Sharma
An Odyssey in Tibet: A pilgrimage to Kailas Manasarovar
Tarun Vijay
Statistical Outline of India 2006-07

 Muslims in India IEd: Ratna Sahai
ndia: Pioneering Photographers(1850-1900) John Falconer
Facets of South Indian Art and Architecture(Vol I, II)
R. Nagaswamy
Protecting the Cultural Heritage (National Legislation and International Conventions)
Sachindra Sekhar Biswas
Agenda for India
Pothen Philip
The Idea of India
Sunil Khilnani
The Idea of India
Sunil Khilnani
Yusuf Meherally: Quest for New Horizons
Madhu Dandavate
India East and West
Ed: B.R. Sharma
Introducing India
G.N.S. Raghavan
Latin America in Emerging World Order: Opportunities for India, Reflections of R. Narayanan
Abdul Nafey et al
The Delhi Omnibus
Percival Spear et al
India: From Midnight to the Millennium
Shashi Tharoor
Pathway to India's Partition Vol II(A nation within a nation) 1877-1937
Bimal Prasad
Empowering Indians
Y.S. Rajan
India Today
Research Unit, United News of India
The Northern Frontier of India
S.C. Bajpai
Facts About India

Women Pioneers-In India's Renaissance  Ed: Sushila Nayar et al
India's Democracy: Its Major Imperatives  
P.B. Gajendragadkar
India Another Millennium? 
Ed: Romila Thapar
History of South India, Vol 1 Ancient Period, Vol 2 Medieval Period, Vol 3 Modern Period 
P.N. Chopra et al
India A National Culture? 
Ed: Geeti Sen
Kautilya on Rajaniti(The Science of Polity)
K.P.A. Menon 
Independent India: The First Fifty Years
Ed: Hiranmay Karlekar
India Partitioned-The Other Face of Freedom-(1947-1997), Vol 1, 2
Ed: Mushirul Hasan
A History of Sikhs, Vol 1: 1469-1839
Khushwant Singh
India Development and Participation
Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen
The Sword of Tipu Sultan
Bhagwan S Gidwani
Indian National Movement: Its Ideological and Socia-Economic Dimensions
Madhu Limaye
A History of Mongolia: Bogdo Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, The Last King of Mongolia
Basaikhan, Emgent Ookhnoi
This India
Sheila Dhar
Equivalence of Foreign Degrees
Indian Journeys: penguin books
ed: Dom Moraes
The Security of South Asia: American and Asian Perspectives
ed: Stephen Philip Cohen
Nonviolence: Contemporary Issues and Challenges
ed: Mahendra Kumar
Secret Servant
Ilya Dzhirkvelov
The Great Indian Middle Class
Pavan K Varma
Heroes of Our Time
Jagjit Singh Anand
SAARC ASEAN-Prospects and Problems of Inter-regional Cooperation
Ed: Bhabani Sen Gupta
The Troubled Region-Issues of Peace&Development in Southeast Asia
ed: Parimal Kumar Das
Indian Political Parties: Programmes, Promises and Performance
Editoral board: Chairman L.M. Singhvi
Kautilya and the Arthasastra
SomNath Dhar
Jammu and Kashmir Folklore
SomNath Dhar
Punjab Crisis: Context and Trends
Pramod Kumar et al
Fifty Years of Indian Parliament
Ed. G.C. Malhotra
The Message of the Upanisads
Swami Ranganathananda
The Minister for Permanent Unrest
Keki N. Daruwalla
Restructuring of Public Sector in India
Vasant Sathe
The Making of A Nation: Essays in Indian History and Politics
Ravinder Kumar
Documents on Political Thought in Modern India(Vol II)
Writings on Indian Constitution(1861-1985)
M.S. Rana
Assam: the Difficult Years
T.S. Murty
Government and Politics in South Asia
Baxter et al
Indo-Arab Relations
S. Maqbul Ahmad
People: Parliament Administration
Bal Ram Jakhar
Practice and Procedure of Parliament(Vol 2)
M.N. Kaul et al
Law of Foreigners and Citizenship
R.B. Sethi
Bondage and Freedom (1707-1858)Vol 1, Vol 2(1707-1947)
Bisheshwar Prasad
Origin&Development of Legal and Political System in India (Vol 1,2,3)
Ed: H.S. Bhatia
Nepal's Relations With India and China: Documents 1947-1992(Vol 2)
Ed: Avtar Singh Bhashin
Visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Japan and China(21-25 Oct 2008)
Visit of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to USA and France (22-30 Sep 2008)
Who's Who in India 1986 
Ed: Jeevan R.M. Alvares
India Who's Who 2002-2003
India Who's Who 1989-89
Towards A South Asian Community
Lakhan Lal Menrotra 
Asian Strategic Review 1996-97
Balance of Power in the Nuclear Age
Rikhi Jaipal
National Sovereignty in the Nuclear Age
Ales Bebler
Towards a Nuclear Weapon-Free and Non-Violent World, Vol II
The Encyclopaedia of Indian National Congress: Vol One 1885-1890
A. Moin Zaidi&Shaheda Zaidi
India's Partition and Human Debasement (Vol II)
Sir Francis Tucker
Indian National Congress-its history and heritage
Sankar Ghose
Panchsheel and the Future: Perspectives on Indo-China Relations
ed: C.V. Ranganathan
Asian Strategic Review 1992-93
Professor Ranga at the U.N.
ed: K. Pushpakumari
Indian Politics from Dadabhai Naoroji to Gandhi
K.P. Karunakaran
Role of Indian Muslims in the Struggle for Freedom
P.N. Chopra
Prime Minister and the Cabinet in India: S.C. Gangal
S.C. Gangal
Who's Who 1998
Mountbatten and the Partition of India
Larry Collins&Dominique Lappierre
Indian Armed Forces Yearbook 1971-72
Compiled and Edited: Jaswant Singh
Practitice and Procedure of Parliament(Vol I)
M.N. Kaul et al
Social Background of India's Administrators
V. Subramaniam
India's Security
ed: U.S. Bajpai
India-Bhutan Relations: Bilateral Documents
Urbanization in India: an inventory of source materials
Ashish Bose
Inside RAW -the story of India's secret service-
Asoka Raina
Survey of the Sino-Soviet Dispute
John Gittings
India's National Congress and Constitutional Changes in India 1885-1979
R.S. Gautam
Who's Who 1996
Who's Who 1992
Who's Who 1990
Problems of Governance in South Asia
ed: V.A. Pai Panandiker
Anatomy of A Flawed Inheritance-Indo-Pak Relations 1970-1994
J.N. Dixit
India Pakistan& Bangladesh
Mohammed Ayoob
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