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About India

 India since independenceBipan Chandra, Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee
Diplomatic tales
Kiran Doshi
India from midnight to the millenium and beyond
Shashi Tharoor
The miracle of democracy India's amazing journey
T S Krishnamurthy
Exporters yellow pages 2010
Bikky Khosla
Tokyo construction project
Paramita Tripathy
Tales from Indian classics
Life of Guru Gobind Singh
Devender Singh
The story of Guru Nanak
Mala Singh
100 global Indians:Leading Luminaries entrepreneurs and achievers
Toward a time of goodness
Robert Callely
The art of Kutch
Christopher W London
Rabindranath Tagore
Birds of passage
Kiran Doshi
Indian literature
The invention of India
Shashi Tharoor
The art of Arpana Caur
Suneet Chopra
Once upon a furore
boria Majumdar
Journal of peace&Gandhian studies:Gandhi's Influence on post-Gandhi wolrd
Journal of peace&Gandhian studies:50 years of Independence
Visvakarma's Children
Jaya Jaitly
Nissim Ezekiel the authorized biography
R Raj Rao
The first hundred a celebration
Swapan Dasgupta
Nina Sibal
Selected speeches of Lal bahadur Shastri
The essential Writings of Mahatma Gandhi
Raghavan Iyer
Paul Zacharia
Gita Krishnankutty
My own witness
Mrinal Pande
Cricket Vignettes; Old matters. Memories
Pushkar Johari
Sethu Pandavapuram
Prema Jayakumar
With 2 presidents
Speeches of president: Volume 1
Rajendra Prasad
Speeches of president: Volume 3
Rajendra Prasad
Dictionary of national biography
Reintegrating India with the world economy
Oxford India Paperbacks
Britain 1977
Prepared by the Central of information, London
President zakir Husain's Speeches
Ministry of information and broadcasting
Speeches and writings
President Radhakrishnan
An unequal treaty
Muchkund Dubey
Speeches of president V.V.Giri
publication division
Speeches of president Rajendra Prasad
publication division
Statement of Indian Delegates at UN Conferences in NY
Nirupam Sen
Rajiv's world
Sonia Gandhi
Museum of art
Batjargal Batbayar
Beyond Indian women in the Raj
Pran Nevile
Economy survey 2006-2007
Mnisrty of finance and economic division
Golden era of Indian telecommunication 1947-1997
Pride of India
Samskrita Bharti
Incredible India
Shweta Wepa
Outcome budget 2009-2010
Mnistry of external affairs, New Delhi
The economist
Leema journal:Energy Conservation different Perspective
Sunil More
The survivors:Kampuchea 1984
Prashant Panjiar; Arindam Sen Gupta; Ranji Raghavan
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol31)
Yamuna Shankar
Andhra sculpture
P.R.Ramachandra Rao
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol24)
Yamuna Shankar
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol29)
Yamuna Shankar
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol25)
Yamuna Shankar
Shankar's Children's Art Number (vol32)
Yamuna Shankar
Buddha:The wonderful teacher
Mahashweta Maharathi
Shankar's children's art number (Vol 27)
Yamuna Shankar
Kautilya on Rajanti (The science of polity)
Jatakamala: Stories from the Buddha's previous births
Gita-song celestial: A panacea of all troubles and miseries of human life
Indian unity: A symposium
R.V.Ramachandrasekhara Rao
Indian Industries development and location
Pakistan's foreign policy
Sangat Singh
India 1998
Ministry of information and broadcasting
Where the sun rises; When the Shadows fall; The North-east
Karan Singh
India Quarterly (A journal of international affairs)
Indian council of wolrd affairs
A house in Ranikhet
Keki N Daruwalla
The people's verdict
G G Mirchandani
The Tortured and the Damned
Robert Payne
Joint Ventures abroad: Indian express
Ram Gopal Agrawal
The Chanakya
defence annual
The Hatha Yoga Prapika
Pancham Singh
The world of Premchand
David Rubin
India's Struggle for freedom
I won't let you go:Selected poems
Rabindranath Tagore
Andaman and an Introduction
New India digest:85
Final document
7th conference of heads of state
Indian communism
Mohan Ram
Aryabhata:Astronomer Mathematician
Mr.F.W Ellis
The yogi and the bear
S Nihal Singh
reflection of a non-conformist
NAM Summit New Delhi to Harare
V D Chopra
Himalayan frontiers
Dorothy Woodman
Many worlds revisited
The Himalayan Kingdoms: Bhutan; Sikkim and Nepal
Pradyumna P.Karan; William M.Jenkins Jr
Freedom struggle
Bipan Chandra; Amales Tripathi; Barun De
A Through for the Day
The changing village India
A W Ansari
Harijan today
Vidyarthi Mishra
A history of the Sikhs
Khushwant Singh
The shadow lines
Amitav Ghosh
Chavan and the troubled decade
T.V.Kunhi Krishnan
The first decade: The Jawaharlal Nehru award for International understanding
Azad Bhavan
Modern Indian short stories Vol 1
A role of persuasion
P.V.Narasimha Rao
Reminisceinces:Discreet and indiscreet
India yours and mine
Kamala S Dongerkery
Seniority and promotion in Central governmetn service
Facts about India

Nuclear Myths and realities
Vietnam Buddhist temples
Na van Tan
Looking throughs glass
Mukul kesavan
India watching:The media game
Amita Malik
Revolution through Ballot
Anirudha Gupta
Pf many pastures
Prem Bhatia Biographies
Eminent Indians: A bibliography of
D.R.kalia; M.K.Jain
Prison diary
Jayaprakash Narayan
Shankar's children's art number vol 35
Yamuna Shankar
Shankar's children's art number vol 30
Yamuna Shankar
Shankar's children art number vol 29 
Yamuna Shankar
The sage in revolt
Pran Chopra
Hermit Kingdom Ladakh
major H P S Ahkrwaltan
V.P.Singh The quest for power
Janardan Thakur
2 swords in one scabbard
Vasant Sathe
The Bhagavad Gita for dialy living; Vol 1
Ekhanth Easwaran
The Bhagavad Gita for dialy living; Vol 2
Ekhanth Easwaran
The Bhagavad Gita for dialy living; Vol 3
Ekhanth Easwaran
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