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Foreign Policy Part 1 

Legal Aspects of the Kashmir ProblemH.S.Gururaja Rao
Indian Defence ProductsDirector General of Quality Assurance Department of Defence Production&Supplies, New Delhi
Perspectives in Defence PlanningK.Subrahmanyam
The Peacock and the Dragon: India-China Relations in the 21st centuryEd: Kanti Bajpai, Amitabh Mattoo
Restructuring South Asian SecurityMajor-General Vinod Saighal
War without End: The rise of islamist terrorism and global responseDilip Hiro
Modernization of the PLA: Gauging its Latent Future PotentialJS Bajwa
India wins the warWing Commander S.N.Rampal
Wars and no peace over KashmirMaroof Raza
Tools of Terror: Light weapons and India's securityTara Kartha
Kargil: The crisis and its implicationsCurrent debate
Assignment ColomboJ.N. Dixit
New HorizonsDirector, Public Relations, Punjab
India's Neighbours: Problems and ProspectsAyanjit Sen
Indo-Pak war and big powersSukhbir Choudhary
Perspectives in Defence PlanningK.Subrahmanyam
Tools of Terror: Light weapons and India's securityTara Kartha
Be the bestJoginder Singh
Nuclear defence shaping the arsenalGurmeet Kanwal
Disarmament: India's initiativesExternal Publicity Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, 1988
India's nuclear deterrent: Pokhran II and beyondEd: Amitabh Mattoo
The Liberation WarMohammed Ayoob, K.Subrahmanyam
India and DisarmamentAn anthology of selected writings and speeches
From Sunrise to ReckoningThe Kargil Review Committee Report
Weapons of PeaceRaj Chengappa
India's Nuclear SecurityEd: Raju G.C.Thomas, Amit Gupta
The Post-American WorldFareed Zakaria
Why Autonomy to Kashmir?Ed: Saifuddin Soz
Kashmir and neighbours: Tale, Terror, TruceTurkkaya Ataov
Most wanted profiles of terrorEd: Harinder Baweja, K.P.S.Gill
Inside Al Qaeda- global network of terrorRohan Gunaratna
From Bandung to Tashkent: Glimpses of India's Foreign PolicyC.S.Jha
Perspectives on national security in Sout AsiaEd: P.R.Chari
NAM Summit, New Delhi to HarareEd: V.D Chopra
Perspectives on Non-AlignmentRasheeduddin Khan
India's Foreign Policy and RelationsA. Appadorai, M.S.Rajan
Statements by Indian Delegates at UN Conferences in New York, 2005Nirupam Sen, Permanent Representative of India to the UN
India's Foreign Policy: Studies in Continuity and ChangeEd: Bimal Prasad
India's Foreign Policy: Studies in Continuity and ChangeEd: Bimal Prasad
Yearbook on India's Foreign Policy, 1987/1988Ed: Satish Kumar
The Himalayan Gateway: History and culture of SikkimGeorge Kotturan
World Disarmament Campaignregional Conference on World Disarmament Campaign
Indo Soviet Relations: problems and prospectsEd: Vinod Bhatia
India Nepal Relations: The Challenge AheadObserver Research Foundation
South African Foreign Policy: Principles, Options and DilemmasHari Sharan Chhabra
 India's Foreign PolicyV.P.Dutt
India's food problem and policy since independenceB.M.Bhatia
Reorienting India: The New Geo-Politics of AsiaB.G.Verghese
The Government and Politics of IndiaRamesh Thakur
India, Iran and the GCC States: Political Strategy and Foreign PolicyDr.A.K.Pasha
Envisioning Empowered Nation: Technology for Societal TransformationA.P.J.Abdul Kalam with A.Sivathanu Pillai
India's Foreign Policy and RelationsA.Appadorai, M.S.Rajan
Principles of Geography: part 1K.L.Joshi, S.Sinha, D.P.Gupta
Facets of Indian Foreign Policy: Statement and media interaction, July 2002-Jan 2003, Volume 2.Yashwant Sinha
Soviet Policy towards IndiaJ.A.Naik
Mongolia: Culture, economy and PoliticsR.C.Sharma, K.Warikoo, M.Haider, Sh.Bira
Mongolia: Tryst with Change and DevelopmentR.C.Sharma, Ph.D.(Edin)
India and the Non-Aligned World: Search for a New OrderHari Jaisingh
New Dimensions of India's Foreign PolicyAtal Bihari Vajpayee
New Dimensions of India's Foreign PolicyAtal Bihari Vajpayee
Realities of Indian Foreign PolicyNiranjan M Khilnani
Indian Foreign Policy: The Nehru YearsEd: B.R. Nanda
Peace in the New MilleniumJasjit Singh
Satish Jacob from Hotel Palestine Baghdad: Pages from a war diarySatish Jacob, foreword: Paul Danahar
Foreign Policy for IndiaI.K.Gujral
Northeast Region: Problems and prospects of developmentB.L.Abbi
Ramayana Quiz BookRajendra Pratap Singh
In Retrospect: Reflections on Select Issues in World Politics 1975-2000B.Vivekanandan
Rediscovering Asia: Evolution of India's Look-East PolicyPrakash Nanda
Select Documents on India's Foreign Policy and Relations 1947-1972, Volume 1A.Appadorai
An Outline History of ChinaBai Shouyi
External Affairs: Cross Border RelationsS.K.Singh, J.N.Dixit, K.V.Rajan, C.V.Ranganathan, M.H.Ansari, Deb Mukharji, Salman Haidar
Studies on nonalignment and the nonaligned movement: theory and practiceM.S.Rajan
Indian Foreign Policy : The Nehru YearsEd: B.R.Nanda
Nalanda: Giver of wisdom and bridge of friendshipEmbassy of India, Beijing
Bamyan: Challenge to World HeritageArcheological Survey of India, Government of India
Science and Technology Initiatives in India: a profileDr.K.V.Swaminathan
Before Freedom 1909-1947: Nehru's letters to his sisterNayantara Sahgal
The Indian War of Independence 1857Vinayak Damodar Savarkar
India, China and Indochina: reflections of a liberated diplomatT.N.Kaul
Asian RelationsEd: Eric Consalves
India & Russia: Linguistic and Cultural AffinityW.R.Rishi
India after Independence 1947-2000Bipan Chandra, Mridula Mukherjee, Aditya Mukherjee
The writing on the wall: China and the West in the 21st century.Will Hutton
The RamayanaC.G.R.Kurup
Stories of Tenali RamanC.L.L.Jayaprada
Confrontation with PakistanLt-Gen B.M.Kaul
Kashmir 1947: Rival version of historyPrem Shankar Jha
India-Pakistan, Themes Beyond BorderNikhil Chakravartty
Pakistan's Criminal Folly in KashmirLt.Gen.M.L.Chibber (Retd)
Central AsiaEd: Amalendu Guha
I was prisoner of war in PakistanLt. Col SS Chowdhary VSM
Central Asia: Movement of people and ideas from times prehistoric to modernEd: Amalendu Guna
India and its Neighbourhooded: U.S. Bajpai
Laos: Land and its peoplePatit Paban Mishra
Aksaichin and Sino-Indian ConflictJohn Lall
The Patronage Bureaucracy in North India: Robert M.Bird and James thomason School 1820-1870Peter Penner
Sunrise in FijiChaman Nahal
Distant NeighboursKuldip Nayar
A model relationship: 25 years of Indo-Soviet Diplomatic TiesJagdish Vibhakar
A model relationship: 25 years of Indo-Soviet Diplomatic TiesJagdish Vibhakar
The Kissinger Years: Indo-American RelationsT.N.Kaul
Diplomacy in Peace and warT.N.Kaul
The Unfought War of 1962: THE NEFA DEBACLELt.Col.J.R.Saigal
The Challenge of Bangladesh: Special debateEd: Pran Chopra
Pak Colonialism in East BengalD.R.Mankekar
Pakistan Military Elite: Nazi-style genocide in East BengalGirilal Jain
The rape of BangladeshAnthony Mascarenhas
The Communications revolutionNarayana Menon
India's Freedom Movement : Some notable figuresB.Shiva Rao
The Lightening Campaign: Indo-Pak war 1971Major General D.K.Palit
Nehru's Emissary to Kashmir: October 1947Major General Hiralal Atal
Bangladesh and India's SecurityK.Subrahmanyam
Partners in Peace: A study in Indo-Soviet RelationsK.Neelkant
ABU on BangladeshABU
Co-operation in independent IndiaNational Cooperative Union of India
Perspectives on Non-AlignmentEd: Rasheeduddin Khan
Diego Garcia in International diplomacyK.S.Jawatkar
Managing Suspicions: Understanding India's Relations with bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri LankaPadmaja Murthy
Asia and Western DominanceK.M.Panikkar
Slender was the Thread: Kashmir Confrontation 1947-48Lt.General L.P.Sen, D.S.O
Report of the Committee on Panchayati Raj InstitutionsGovernment of India
The March of Folly in Afghanistan, 1978-2001Jagat S.Mehta
Towards Collective Security in AsiaDevendra Kaushik, Satyendra Peerthum
South Asia Stability and Regional Co-operationM.S.Agwani, Ashwini K.Ray, I.N.Mukherjee, Satish Kumar, S.D.Muni
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 2Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 1Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 3Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 4Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 5Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 6Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 7Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 8Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 9Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
Katha: Prize stories, Volume 10Ed: Geeta Dharmarajan, Rimli Bhattacharya
The India-China Border: A ReappraisalGondker Narayana Rao
Bollywood: a historyMihir Bose
The Last Nizam: The Rise and Fall of India's Greatest Princely StateJohn Zubrzycki
India After Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest DemocracyRamachandra Guna
Hema Malini: The Authorized BiographyBhawana Somaaya, Gulzar
Destination India: Travel PlannerNavin S.Berry
Indian Love StoryEd: Sudhir Kakar
China 2006Ed: Sue Duncan, Wang Mingjie
In the shadow of the sun: Fiction, short stories translated from Bengali by John W.Hood.Prafulla Roy
Cultural History of IndiaEd: A.L.Basham
Pilgrimage to HemkuntJaswant Singh Neki, Sondeep Shankar
Kolkata, the dream cityJayabrato Chatterjee, Rupinder Khullar
Handcraft Indian Enamel JewelleryRita Devi Sharma, M.Varadarajan
Postcolonial Passages: Contemporary History-writing on IndiaEd: Saurabh Dube
Buddhist Heritage Sites of IndiaSunita Dwivedi, foreword: His Holiness The Dalai Lama
National park of IndiaR.S.Bisht
Wit and wisdom of Mahatma GandhiJawaharlal Nehru, Ed: N.B.Sen
Just between us: Women speak about their writingEd: Ammu Joseph, Vasanth Kannabiran, Ritu Menon, Gouri Salvi, Volga
Katha Prize StoriesEd: Geeta Dharmarajan
Jawaharlal Nehru: Rebel and StatesmanB.R.Nanda 
Gandhi, Bose, Nehru and the Making of the Modern Indian MindReba Som
Two alone, Two Together: Letters Between Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru -1940-1964Ed: Sonia Gandhi
The Everest HotelI.Allan Sealy
The Press in India: Perspective in Development and RelevanceK.S.Padhy, R.N.Sahu
In and around old GoaHeta Pandit
Separate journeysEd: Geeta Dharmarajan
Letters from a father to his daughterJawaharlal Nehru, Ed: N.B.Sen
Role and Relevance of Rajya Sabha in Indian PolityEd: Dr.Yogendra Narain
Ghost stories from the Kumaon and Barhmal HillsH.V.S.Manral
Adventrure StoriesArup Kumar Dutta
Mohandas Gandhi: Essential WritingsJohn Dear
Dr.Kalam's Pura Model and Societal TransformationP.Jegadish Gandhi
Celebration of life: Indian Fold DancesJiwan Pani
Glimpses of Indian CultureDinkar Joshi, Yogesh Patel
Annual Report 2005-2006Ministry of Human Resource Development
Ayuvedic Cooking for self-healingIsha Lad, Dr.Vasant Lad
Indian Art an overviewEd: Gayatri Sinha
Delhi: The city of monumentsJaya Ramanathan
Devamber Prakashan 
Kerala God's own countryShashi Tharoor
Charting the DeepDr.Manoshi Bhattacharya
Folk Tales of KeralaI.K.K.Menon
Folk Tales of GujaratR.M.Bhatt
Anandpur, the city of blissMohinder Singh
Stories of the Buddha Anita Khanna
Buddhist peace recipesPushpesh Pant
Lest we forgetAmarinder Singh
The military balance 1988-1989The International Institute of Strategic Studies
Reach for the Stars: The evolution of India's pocket programmeGopal Raj
Nuclear IndiaJasjit Singh
Dateline Kargil: A correspondent's nine-week account from the battlefrontGaurav C Sawant
Indian Defence Year Book, 1998-99Lt.General R.K Jasbir Singh, PVSM
India Al-BiruniDr.Edward C.Sachau
The home and the worldRabindranath Tagore
The fourth round: Indo-Pak War 1984, Future HistoryRavi Rikhye
FaultlinesL: Writings on conflict&resolution K.P.S. Gill&Ajaisahni
Combating Terrorism: The legal challenge,Arnab Goswami
Kargil, the tables turnedMaj.gen.Ashok Krishna, P.R.Chari
Terrorism and Political Violence: a sourcebookM.L.Sondhi
Pakistan's Insurgency Vs India's SecuritySudhir S.Bloeria
Field Marshal KM Cariappa: His life and timesBrig CB Khanduri


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