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Visa Services  

Comprehensive visa fee chart


(i)Tourist visa valid for up to six monthsUS$ 42
 Tourist visa valid for up to one yearUS$ 67
 Tourist visa valid for up to 5 yearsUS$ 132
(ii) Transit visa (admissible stay period up to 15 days for Bangladesh nationals and three days for others -  Single/Double entry  - for direct transit through Indian ports)22 (including $ 2 ICWF Charges)
(iii)Student Visa (valid for the duration of the course or five years, whichever is less)US$ 77
(iv)  Business Visa (up to 1 year)82 (including $ 2 ICWF Charges)
(v)Medical VisaUS$ 82
(VI)Employment VisaUS$ 122
(v)All other types of visas valid for:-(other than
Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Student Visa, Medical,
Employment and Business Visa):-
Up to six months
Up to one year
Up to five years
US$ 82
US$ 202

Visa Fees in case of following nationalities may differ from the above:

Business Visa:

S.No.CountryUp to one yearMore than one year up to five years
1.USAUS$ 142US$ 222
2.EcuadorUS$ 242US$ 322
3.New ZealandUS$ 132 US$ 212
4.UkraineUS$ 202US$ 282 
5.FranceUS$ 167US$ 247  
6.Australia US$ 217US$ 297
7.Czech RepublicUS$ 192 US$ 272
8.IranUS$ 277US$ 357
9.IrelandUS$ 202 US$ 282
10.NigeriaUS$ 292US$ 372
11.Philippines US$ 222US$ 302
12.PolandUS$ 147US$ 225
13.Saudi ArabiaUS$ 217 US$ 297
14.ThailandUS$ 202 US$ 282
15.U.A.E.US$ 417US$ 497
16.U.KUpto 6 mths US$172 (Upto 2 years) US$ 446 (Business Visa up to 5 years) US$ 817

Employment Visa:

S.No.CountryUp to 6 monthsUp to one yearMore than one year up to five years
1.USAUS$ 102US$ 142US$ 222
2.CanadaUS$ 152US$ 192US$ 272
3.UKUS$ 462 US$ 502US$ 599
4.IrelandUS$ 162US$ 202US$ 282
5.FranceUS$ 137US$ 177US$ 257
6.ItalyUS$ 107US$ 147US$ 227
7.DenmarkUS$ 127US$ 167US$ 247
8.PortugalUS$ 92US$ 132US$ 212
9.AustriaUS$ 87US$ 127US$ 207
10.NorwayUS$ 92US$ 132US$ 212
11.AustraliaUS$ 182US$ 222US$ 302
12.New ZealandUS$ 147US$ 187US$ 267
13.ThailandUS$ 162US$ 202US$ 282
14.UAEUS$ 377US$ 417US$ 497
15.TurkeyUS$ 107US$ 142US$ 222
16.IsraelUS$ 1002US$ 1042US$1122
17.IranUS$ 237US$ 277US$ 357

Japanese nationals:

Sl No.Type of visaFee
1.Transit visaUS$ 3
2.All other types of visasUS$ 10

Russian nationals:

Sl NoType of visaFee
1.All typesService charges only

Sri Lankan nationals:

S.No.Type of visaPeriod of validity/No. of entriesFee
1.Transit visa15 days - Single/Double EntryUS $ 12 
2.Business visa 30 days Multiple entryUS $ 27
  3 months - single entry US $ 29
  90 days -  Multiple entry US $ 42
  Six Months - Multiple entryUS $ 82
  One year Multiple entryUS $ 82
  Five years Multiple entryUS $ 122
3.Employment visaOne year -  Multiple entryUS $ 159
4.Student visaOne year for institutions
covered under bilateral Agree ­More than one year or for uncovered institutions
US $ 43
US $ 83
5.Tourist Visa30 days -  double entry or 90 days - single entryUS $ 17
  90 days -  double entryUS $ 27
  6 months - double/Multiple entryUS $ 27
6.Entry VisaOne year Multiple entryUS $ 27

Singapore nationals:

(i)Tourist visa (multiple entry) valid for up to six monthsUS$ 27

Pakistan nationals: Fee of Rs. 15 (equivalent to US $ 1) visas of all types and US $ 25 mandatory communication charges

US nationals:

S.No.Type of visaPeriod of validity/No. of entriesFee
1.Tourist visaUpto 6 months More than six months( visa fee+ application fee) US$ 87
( visa fee+ application fee) US $ 152
2.Business visaFive and ten year(visa fee + application fee) US$ 242

UK nationals:

Type of VisaValidityVisa fee in US$
TransitUp to 3 months with up to 15 days stay90
StudentUp to 5 years231
MedicalUp to one year131
BusinessUp to 6 months172
BusinessUp to 2 years446
Business visa issued same dayUp to 5 years817
EmploymentUp to 6 months462
EmploymentUp to one year502
EmploymentMore than one year599
Transfer of Visa 169
Emergency visa charges(for same day visa in case of death/medical emergency91
Tourist VisaUpto 6 mths131
Tourist visaUpto 2 yrs446
Tourist visaUpto 5 yrs 817
Research visa Upto 3 years or duration of course (whichever is less)231

Mozambique Nationals:

Type of VisaValidity/entryVisa fee in US $
TouristSingle entry82
Tourist ( urgent) Single entry152
Tourist  (Urgent)Multiple 302
BusinessUpto six months222
Business (urgent/same day)Upto six months302
All other types ( except transit & student visas)Upto six moths
Urgent upto six months
Upto one year/ urgent also
Upto five years/ urgent also

US $ 2 has been added in each case towards ICWF as service charges

Additional charges - US $ 25/- processing charges, if the visa applicant is not  normally resident in DR Congo or RO Congo or Gabon or CAR and applicant does not hold passport of these countries.
Emergency visa fee: additional fee charged for emergency services after being satisfied about the nature of emergency by the Visa Officer.

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