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PHARMEXCIL Delegation 

Visit of PHARMEXCIL Delegation 
A 25 member Indian delegation organized by Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL) visited Ashgabat from 22 - 25 February 2009. The delegates were mainly the Heads/senior executives of the medium/small pharmaceutical companies from India. The objective of the delegation was to propagate the quality of Indian medicines, promote the export of drugs and medicines, and explore avenues for promotion of business in the pharmaceutical sector between India and Turkmenistan.

During the visit of the delegation, several contracts were signed between the Indian and Turkmen side. The delegation held meetings with the Minister of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan and Heads of the different departments in the Ministry of Health. A Buyer Seller Meet was also organized by the Embassy on 23 February 2009 in which private entrepreneurs, importers, distributors, medical shop owners and traders dealing with pharmaceuticals participated.

Mr. Mohammed Afzal, Ambassdor and Mr. B.S. Pradhan, Second Secretary in the Embassy also participated in the deliberations.
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Ambassador’s speech

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and Friends from India,

This is really a great occasion to see such a large number of Indian companies in Ashgabat. I am glad to be present in this special event.

India has an age old tradition of advanced medicine and health care. India has also been blessed with huge natural resources used in the pharmaceutical sector. Today we have the most modern and technologically advanced health care industry in all streams like allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda.

Indian medicines are already popular in Turkmenistan. They are known to be of the best quality available at reasonable price. This sector remains one of the key areas of India-Turkmenistan bilateral trade and commercial relations. One of the Indian companies, Ajanta Pharmaceuticals has set up a joint venture since 1998 with Turkmen Ministry of health. The facility is producing more than 80 kinds of medicines which are popular in Turkmenistan. This joint venture has made Ajanta a household name in Turkmenistan.

The present President of Turkmenistan H.E. Gurbanguly Berdimhamedov has supervised the health sector as Deputy Prime Minister since last many years. As President of Turkmenistan since 2007 he still keeps this sector as one of his priority of reform. The Government plays to provide quality health care facilities to the entire population of Turkmenistan.

As per our interaction with the businessmen in this sector, doing business in Turkmenistan is much easier and attractive than doing it in any other countries in CIS. Government has simplified the rules for registration and other formalities involved to attract the foreign companies. Our businessmen have always received cooperation from the Turkmen Government, particularly the Ministry of Health in setting up of their business. A number of Indian pharmaceutical companies are already doing good business in Turkmenistan. During the Health Care and Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Ashgabat in November 2008, 12 Indian companies participated in it. It was appreciated by the Turkmen Government. The people of Turkmenistan also want quality medicines and they have the purchasing power, thanks to the booming economy of Turkmenistan. Indian companies should take advantage of this positive scenario in this market.

I would like to clarify the misconception about the quality of Indian medicines. I re-emphasise that Indian pharmaceutical products are of the best quality and meet all international specifications and standards, while also being most cost effective.

I am confident that the companies who have come as part of this PHARMEXCIL Delegation would find this trip useful. Visits like this from India would certainly help establishing “brand India” in Turkmenistan. I would suggest that each of you should try to avail this opportunity to interact with the Turkmen counterparts attending this forum. I request the Turkmen friends who are present in this forum to build the partnership with Indian companies. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. I thank all of you for participation in this Business Meet. I also thank PHARMEXCIL for taking this initiative to organize this tour. I would request the representative of PHARMEXCIL, Mr. Raghuveer Kini to give a small presentation on Indian pharmaceutical sector for our Turkmen friends.

I thank all of you once again.
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