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Application for re-issuance of International Driving Permit (IDP)

From 15.02.2021, the service of re-issue of IDP has been included as one of the consular services provided by Indian Mission. IDP helps the Indian Citizen to drive vehicle, which is allowed to drive as per Indian Driving Licence, in foreign countries, which are the signatory of Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, 1949, such as Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The process for re-issue of IDP is as under:

(a) Applicant will visit the Mission and fill the Miscellaneous Consular Service form.

(b) A fee of US$ 10 + ICWF charges will be collected by the Mission towards accepting the application of re-issue of IDP.

(c) A receipt will be handed over to the applicant by the Mission in this regard.

(d) Applicant will apply for fresh issue of IDP through External website that opens in a new window portal and will upload the relevant documents including the receipt issued by the Mission and pay the IDF fee online of the web portal.

(e) On receipt of application through the portal, the licencing authority (MoRTH), on verification of the documents, shall issue the IDP and courier it directly to the address of the applicant.

Note: For more details, please visit : External website that opens in a new window

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