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About us

About us

Name and designation PhoneE-mail
Smt. Madhu Sethi, Ambassador,
+(537) 8333777/8333169/
Shri Amit Shreeansh
Third Secretary
+(537) 8333777/8333169/

Shri Ram Kumar Sehrawat,
Attache (PS to Ambassador)

+(537) 8333777/8333169/8381700
78333777, 52862736 (Cell)
Shri Dalvinder Singh,
Attache (Admn/Consular/Establishment)
​+(537) 8333777/8333169/
Smt. Manju Bains,
Attache (PS) to HOC
+(537) 8333777/8333169/
Shri  Mohseen Ahmed Syed,
Assistant Attache (Consular/Property)
+(537) 8333777/8333169/
Shri  Ujjwal Jaiswal,
Assistant Attache (GA/Accounts)
+(537) 8333777/8333169/
Shri Nagesh Pise
Security Assistant
+(537) 8333777/8333169/8381700-
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