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Visa Information

Working Hours of Consular Wing:

1. Receipt of Passports/Documents: Monday and Wednesday (09:30 hrs. to 12:30 hrs)
2. Delivery of Passports: Thursday and Friday (16:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs)

Tel: 00-96-11-329522 / 24 / 28
(Telephonic Enquiries only from 09:30 to 12:30 hrs.)
Fax: 00-976-11-329532

General Instructions
1. The applicants are required to fill the form (3 pages) online through External website that opens in a new window and submit the ‘Printout’ of the form along with all other requisite documents personally on any Monday and Wednesday between 09:30 to 12:30 hrs.
(NB: Online application submitted shall not be accepted on the same day)

2. General Visa requirements for Mongolian nationals:
i) Uploaded Visa application form, correctly filled in having photo of appropriate size with plain background
ii) Requirements of the digital photograph – JPEG format, Size 10-300 KB; Square shape; Pixels (Minimum 350x350; Maximum 1000x1000); White or Plain light coloured background; Front view of full face from top of hair to bottom of chin; Eyes open; No shadows on the face or on the background and No borders
iii) Copy of return air ticket
iv) Passport valid for a minimum period of six months from the intended date of return from India along with photocopy of the first page.
v) Latest Bank Statement showing minimum balance of US Dollars 2,000.00 or equivalent
vi) In case the applicant is below 18 years of age, a Letter of Guarantee about his/her travel to India is required from parent/guardian
vii) Validity of Visa commences from date of issue
viii) THERE IS NO VISA FEES FOR MONGOLIAN NATIONALS. However, a service fee of US$35.00 per visa will be charged in case the visa is to be issued in an emergency
ix) Registration with Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) is required in case the period of stay in India exceeds six months (180 days)
x) The consular officer may require the applicant to submit additional supporting documents, at his discretion
xi) All Types of Visa shall be issued after a minimum of 3 working days after submission of the ‘Printout’ of the application and relevant documents on the consular day for receipt of documents.

Requirements for a Specific Visa

Student Visa

i) Passport should remain valid for the entire for duration of the course of study in India
ii) Proof of Admission (Original Letter of Admission along with a copy of Fee Receipt for full time regular course in a recognized/reputed educational institution and a copy of certificate of qualifying examination/course
iii) Satisfactory evidence of financial support for the entire duration of the course.Letter of Support from parent/guardian along with a Bank Guarantee may be accepted for this purpose.

Business Visa

i) Letter from applicant’s company and an Invitation Letter from Indian company. Both the companies in Mongolia and India should be registered with the respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Business Association etc.
ii) Financial standing of respective company both in Mongolia and India
ii) Non-Mongolians: Applying for Indian Business visa must hold a valid Resident Permit and must be resident in Mongolia for more than two years.

Medical Visa

i) All Applicants for Medical Visa (both Patient and Donor, if any) and Medical Attendant Visa must submit recommendation from local hospital and/or letter of invitation from a hospital in India

Conference Visa

i) Applicants must submit copy of invitation from the organizers, a letter of clearance each from the Ministry of Home Affairs of India and Ministry of External Affairs of India along with a letter of recommendation from his/her organization in Mongolia.

Specifications of Photograph for Visa

1. Format – JPEG
2. Size – Minimum 10 kb and Maximum 300 kb
3. Height and width of the photo must be equal. Pixels for both height and width should range from 350-1000
4. Photo should have the front view of the full face, with eyes open and without sun glasses
5. Background of the photo should be of white/light colour
6. Photo should not have any border or any shadow.
7. For full specifications please read carefully instructions given in External website that opens in a new window

N.B.: Application form submitted with photo not conforming to the specification(s) will not be entertained

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