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The Embassy’s Library

Library of Embassy of India is located within the premises of the Embassy building. Telephone No.: 3347351 – 3347352 – 3347900

The Library has an extensive collection of books, journals and magazines on Indian history, culture, education, literature, arts, politics and many other topics. Over ten thousand books on various subjects, including fiction are available in English, Arabic and Hindi.

The Library can be used by all visitors free of charge.

Working Hours : Sunday to Thursday – 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Fridays & Saturdays closed)


Periodicals and Magazines
The Library subscribes to a number of magazines and periodicals on health, sports, politics, general studies, etc. in Arabic, English and Hindi languages. A few of the newspapers and magazines are published in India. In addition there are a large number of international newspapers, magazines and journals available for perusal.

Reference Books
Directories, University Handouts, Encyclopaedias, Tourist Guides, Dictionaries etc are available in the Library. The Library provides ready reference service to readers on various Institutions/ Educational Courses, Educational Scholarships etc in India.


The library also has a collection of CD’s and DVD’s of the India Films and Audio CD’s of Indian film music and classical music. Members of the library can borrow the CD/DVD’s

Membership Rules
While Library can be used for reference by all visitors free of charge, there is also a provision to obtain membership to the Library for getting the books issued. The rules and regulations in this regard are as below:

  • Two books will be issued at a time
  • Books will be issued for 14 days
  • Reference books will not be issued
  • Newspapers and magazines will not be issued
  • Borrowed books should be returned within the stipulated time. Borrower would be required to replace the book or pay its cost fixed by the authorities if books are damaged, lost, or pages are torn/ removed/ mutilated.
  • Membership of the Library cannot be claimed as a right. Violation of library rules can result in cancellation of the Membership

To apply for membership, one should duly fill in an application form, along with 2 stamp size photographs, and photocopy of the passport or identity card.

Click PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. here for the Library membership form

Click PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. here for the list of books available with the Library

For more details and inquiries please visit the Library.


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