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Ambassador's Message on Eid ul Zuha 2016

Ambassador’s Message on the occasion of Id-ul Zuha 
(Monday, 12 September 2016)

On this virtuous occasion of Eid ul Zuha, I would like to convey the heartiest greetings of the people of India to the people of Syria. I would also take this opportunity to express my sorrow on the on-going crisis in Syria which has badly devastated Syria, and has inflicted lots of pain on the Syrian people.

I have grown-up in India celebrating the festival of Eid amongst my friends since my childhood. I therefore know that Eid-ul-Zuha is a festival to celebrate the spirit of sacrifice. This sacrifice is made for the love of Allah and the world he has created. With all my humility, I think that God does not want us to sacrifice for the destruction of others. He wants his world to live in peace and not in chaos. Therefore, sacrifice for the supremacy of one’s faith only reflects one’s love for himself, rather than his love for the God. Sacrificing for inflicting ills on others is not the sacrifice God wishes us to observe. This is the message I would like to share with all the Syrians who are presently fighting amongst themselves. 

I know there may be 100 of reasons to fight but then there are also 1000 reasons not to fight. I pray that all Syrians discover on this Eid, these reasons to stop fighting and resolve their differences peacefully.
Eid Mubarak!


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