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India Foreign Relations

India and the Islamic World
Ed: Riyaz Punjabi et al
Report of the High Level Committee on the Indian Diaspora
India Oman-5000 years of Friendship
Disastrous Twilight
Major-General Shahid Hamid
Disastrous Twilight
Major-General Shahid Hamid
War and diplomacy in Kashmir
Pathway to India's Partition Vol I(The foundations of Muslim Nationalism)
Bimal Prasad
Crimes, Criminals&Cops
Bloodbath in Bangladesh
Prabodh Chandra
A peep into the past
Vasant Nevrekar
The priorities of Soviet Foreign Policy today
O.Bykov, V.Razmerov, D.Tomashevsky
15th Congress of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
Speeches, reports, resolutions, June7-11,1966
Engaged Democracies, India-US Relations in the 21st century
Ed: Kanti Bajpai, Amitabh Mattoo
Balance of Power in the Nuclear Age
Rikhi Jaipal
The Untold Story
Kashmir: My years with Nehru
Indian music: The magic of the raga
Raghava R. Menon
The guilty men of 1962
Pakistan cut to size: the authentic story of the 14-day Indo-Pak was told for the first time by the veteran writer
Minority Safeguards in India
Kamlesh Kumar Wadhwa
Leaders of India, 2002
Ed: D.V.Gandhi
Quiver: Translation from Urdu into English
Javed Akhtar/translated by David Matthews
Legends of Indian Cinema
Surendra Kumar
Fifty Years of Swaraj: Highlights and Shadows
ed: V.A. Pai Panandiker
Readings in Political History of India: Ancient, Medieval, Modern (History&Archeology series)
R.C.Majumdar, Ed: S.P. Gupta
Punjab, the possible dream
Director Public Relations, Punjab
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto- Six Steps to Summit
Kamaleshwar Sinha
Nuclear Pakistan: Atomic Threat to South Asia
P.B.Sinha, R.R.Subramanian
Walter Imber, Amita Malik
Second Turn
M.T.Vasudevan Nair
Politics of Central Asia
Ram Rahul
Building a common future: indian and Uzbek perspectives on security and economic issues
Ed: P.Stobdan
Jawaharlal Nehru: A Biography, Volume one:1889-1947
Sarvepalli Gopal
Kashmir, 1947: Rival versions of history
Prem Shankar Jha
Countdown to partition: the final days
Ajit Bhattacharjea
the Knights of Falsehood
Human Rights in the Modern World
Political Thought in Modern India
Ed: Thomas Pantham, Kenneth L.Deutsch
Stories of Partition of India
Ed: Alok Bhalla
The Pathology of Corruption
The other India: The Overseas Indians and their relationship with India 
I.J.Bahadur Singh
Winning the future: From Bhakra to Narmada, Tehri, Rajasthan Canal
Democracy and Discipline: Speeches of Shrimati Indira Gandhi
Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
Indian Democracy-its Major Imperatives
Asian polity and India: Essays in Inter-Asian Relations
the Gin Drinkers: novel
Sagarika Ghose
Whose freedom? Whose order?: A plea for a New International Information Order by Third World
Japan-South Asia: Security and Economic Perspectives
Ed: K.V.Kesavan & Lalima Varma
Science Sustainability and Indian National Resurgence
Murli Manohar Joshi
China and the third world
Devendra Kaushik
Devendra Kaushik
Union Research Institute
China's Cultural Revolution
Gargi Dutt, V.P.Dutt
China, Second Liberation
China, Second Liberation
 China: the Post-Mao ViewEd: V.P.Dutt
China after Mao
Gargi Dutt, V.P.Dutt
Indian Foreign Policy and its Neighbours
J.N. Dixit
Protocol Handbook
Protocol Division Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
Indian Diplomatic Service: The first thirty four years
A Foreign Policy for India
I.K.Gujral, Ed: Amrita Kumar
The Genesis of Bangladesh: A Study in International Legal Norms and Permissive Conscience
Subrata Roy Chowdhury
Bangladesh documents: volume 2
Sheelendra Kumar Singh
Bangladesh documents: volume 2Sheelendra Kumar Singh
China and the third world
Devendra Kaushik
Russian studies of China: Progress and Problems of Soviet Sinology
E.Stuart Kirby, B.Sc.Econ., Ph.D
India's China War
Neville Maxwell
India, Russia, China and Bangladesh
Nepal's Relations With India and China: Documents 1947-1992(Volume one)
Ed: Avtar Singh Bhasin
India,China and Panchsheel
Ed: Jasjit Singh
facets of Indian Foreign Policy: Statement and media interaction, Feb-Nov 2003, Volume 2.
Yashwant Sinha
Literacy and Empowerment
Venkatesh B Athreya, Sheela Rani Chunkath
The United Nations at 50: An Indian View
Ed: Satish Kumar
A Beacon Across Asia: A Biography of Subhas Chandra Bose
Ed: Sisir K.Bose, Alexander Werth, S.A.Ayer
China's Military: The PLA in transition
Srikanth Kondapalli
China as a Nuclear Power in World Politics
Leo Yueh-Yun Liu
The Struggle for Power in Asia
Patwant Singh
Pak Colonialism in East Bengal
Bhutan, a Kingdom in the Himalayas
Nagendra Singh
South Africa: One year after Mandela's release
Hari Sharan Chhabra, foreword: Nelson Mandela
Revolt in East Bengal
The Challenge of Bangladesh: Special debate
Ed: Pran Chopra
The Indo-Soviet Treaty: Setting and Meaning
Ideology and Organization in Communist China: second edition, enlarged
Franz Schurmann
Manstein, his campaigns and his trial
R.T.Paget, K.C..M.P.
Bhutan, a Kingdom in the Himalayas
Nagendra Singh
A Cabinet Secretary Looks Back
Contemporary China
Ed: E.Stuart Kirby
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