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Death registration

Death Registration/ NOC/ Attestation of Death Certificate/Transportation of Mortal Remains

Death Registration

Death of an Indian national should first be registered with the Embassy of India by submitting the Apostilled Death Certificate (issued by local authorities) and last held Indian passport (original) of the deceased.

No. Objection Certificate

If the next of kin/ relatives/ family members of the deceased wish to transport human ashes/ mortal remains to India for some religious/customary purpose, the Embassy of India issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in this regard. For this service, concerned applicants have to apply in person at the Embassy.

How to Apply

The applications for Death Registration/ NOC/ Attestation of Death Certificate may be submitted at the Embassy (16, Kara- Bulak (Vakhshskaya) street,
Mirzo Ulugbek District Tashkent- 100 052) on any working day between 9:30-12:30. In case of an emergency and during holidays, please contact on Mobile No: +998 933875242 

Documents Required

1) Miscellaneous Application Form PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. dully filled in and signed by the applicant

2) In case of Indian National;

  • Last held Indian passport of the deceased in original and copies of first two and last two pages of the passport

In case of Foreign National;

  • Valid passport in original and copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars of the passport holder
  • Original OCI/PIO card and its photocopy, if held by the deceased

3) Apostilled Cremation Certificate in original and its photocopy

4) Passport copy of the applicant

5) Proof of Residence of the Applicant: Any of the following self-attested documents viz. copy of utility bill (landline telephone bill/electricity bill/gas bill/water bill) or lease deed (of house) etc. where the applicant’s address is clearly mentioned, should be provided

6) Apostilled Death Certificate issued by the relevant local authority in original and its photocopy

7) Letter from the hospital

8) 2 photographs (2 inch x 2 inch in size white background) of the applicant

Processing Time

Normally, same day/next working day subject to documentation being in order.


1) Death Registration and Certified copy of the same

2) NOC for Transportation of Mortal Remains/Ashes

3) Attestation of Death related documents

USD27 (for Indian)

USD 28 (For foreigner)

USD27 (for Indian)

USD 28 (For foreigner)

USD27 (for Indian)

USD 28 (For foreigner)

Note: Apart from the general mandatory requirements mentioned above, applicant may be asked to submit additional documents.

Transportation of Mortal Remains

  • For the purpose of bringing back the mortal remains to India of an Indian national, registration of death at the concerned Indian Mission/Post is necessary, for which normally the following documents are required:
    • Medical report / death certificate issued from a hospital
    • Copy of detailed police report, in case of accidental or unnatural death
    • Consent letter from next of kin of the deceased for local cremation / burial / transportation of mortal remains, duly attested by a notary
    • Copy of passport and visa pages
    • Embalming Certificate;
    • Non-communicable decease certificate;
    • OriginalPassport for cancellation; and
    • NOC from the Indian Embassy.


Note:  if reports are in other languages, English translation from an authorized translator will be required.

In addition to the above, other documents such as clearance and arrangements for embalming of mortal remains, clearance from local immigration/customs department, etc. are required.

Indian Mission remain in constant touch with the next of kin of the deceased Indian national to facilitate the transportation or local burial of the mortal remains in accordance with the wishes of the family of the deceased.

Local burial is possible with the consent of the legal heir(s) of the deceased. In the case of unclaimed bodies, local authorities take steps to dispose of them as they deem fit.

Duration for transportation of Mortal Remains

Local procedures for transportation of mortal remains of foreign nationals vary from from 2 to 4 weeks due to local procedures as indicated above. If the death was due to unnatural causes and investigations are ongoing to ascertain the cause of death, it may take significantly longer, depending upon progress in the investigations.

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