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Official NameRepublic of Uzbekistan
Capital        Tashkent
Area 447,400 square kilometers (172,700 sq. miles)


Exchange rate with US$

Uzbek Soum (often spelled as ‘Sum’) 

US$1 = Soum 9300 (approx.)          

GDP USD 49.7 billion in 2018 (source: World Bank)
GDP Growth Rate 5.2% in 2019 forecast (source: ADB)
Unemployment5.8% (source: State Statistics Committee 2018)
GDP per capita US$ 1532.4 in 2018; (source: World Bank)

US$ 7020.3 for 2018 at Purchasing Power Parity

Forest Cover32087.8 Sq KM (source: World Bank 2016),
CO2 emission3.42 metric tonnes per Capita (2014) (source : World Bank)
Tourist Arrivals6.433 million (2018)
Population 33.3 million (estimate as in January 2019)
Age ProfileAge 0-15 – 9 116 500  (30%)

Age 16-29 – 8 723 400 (28.5%)

Age  0-29 – 17 839 900 (58.5%)

Age 30 & above – 41.5%

Life expectancy70/75 Yrs. (m/f)  (2016), (source: WHO)
Languages  Uzbek (official) 74.3%; Other languages: Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%
Ethnic Groups75.8% Uzbeks, 6% Russians, 4.1% Kazakhs, 4.8 Tajiks,

1.6% Tatars, 0.9% Kyrgyz and 6.8% other nationalities.

ReligionMuslims 88% (Mostly Sunni) – others consist of Christians, Jews and Buddhists
Internet penetration20 Million in 2018 (source: Min of ICT)
Mobile phones22.8 Million in 2018 (source: Min of ICT)
Urbanisation36% (source: World Bank 2017)
Political Structure

Presidential Republic, Bicameral legislature called Oliy Majlis - Upper House (Senate) with 100 members and a Lower Chamber (Legislative Chamber) with 150 members.

Major Political Parties
  1. Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party 
  2. People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan 
  3. Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party 
  4. Justice Social Democratic Party 
  5. Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan (it does not contest elections, but as per the Constitution 15 members of this movement are nominated to the lower house of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament).
Head of State



Mr. Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev
Head of Government

(Prime Minister)

Mr. Abdulla Nigmatovich Aripov
Economy Uzbekistan’s economy is mainly based on agricultural exports and services.  Its foreign earnings depend on export of raw material – major share being of gold, natural gas, cotton, other minerals and cars; and on remittances from some 2 million Uzbek citizens (estimated) working in Russia
ExportsUS$14.2 billion (2018)
ImportsUS$ 19.5 billion (2018)
Main Trade PartnersChina, Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Turkey
Exports to IndiaUS$ 23.3 million (2018)
Imports from IndiaUS$ 261.3 million (2018)
Indian CommunityTotal: Approx. 200 members of Indian diaspora.
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